Dreams and time travel

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I have some thoughts:-
My ‘take’ on the spirit world is quite unorthodox and basic. If we think about facts; we are made up of loads and loads of atoms, which were forged in the furnaces of collapsing stars, this is the composition of our physical bodies. Our minds are a complex of neuron connections; a collection of atoms and energy. It quite probable that our mind’s memories are not solely based in our brains, as there are accounts that people with severed limbs who have also lost large sections of memory. If it’s possible that past ‘memories’ and experiences can exist further afield from the brain, then it might be possible for a traumatic experience to create neurons outside of the body and into a surrounding environment. Hence the creation of ghosts I the landscape. Moreover, if it is possible for the mind to remember memories from neurons all around the body, why could it not be possible for the mind to connect with neurons outside of the body. Neurons are not atoms alone, they are also comprised of energy, energy does not have matter and does not follow the principals laid down by quantum field theory and the speed of light, where the mass of matter increases to a point where it implodes the closer it gets to the speed of light. As energy is not governed by quantum field theory, it might be possible for it to travel back in time.
Okay this is where I’m being very creative with my thoughts and very strange; in other words the following has no prevalence in science. Could a connection with a spirit, be a connection to someone back in time and could they be answering from the past. So any questions which are about the present and the images in the ‘clairvoyants’ mind are transported back in time for these relatives to reply to. Could it be that there are some individuals who are super-connected to their minds and environment that they can sense the thoughts of those around them and those thoughts are sent back in time to their relatives. With that information a judgment could be made by those deceased relatives. How is that possible if we don’t remember those questions and have no current ‘recollection of the future’ (the concept of recollection of the future is paradoxical.) The answer could lie in dreams, we could be communicating with the future through our dreams, the deepest dreams which we do not remember, when are minds are functioning independently from our consciousness.


We could be

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“We could be” is a song I have written. If you like it and only if you can, please can you buy me a drink in return? Paypal:- brijmohun@gmail.com


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If honesty does not inner reward
then no other act will
And you can accept that.

If you offer
Do not expect to receive
And you can accept that

Seek not a truth or lie
if you are unwilling to
Accept an answer
If you search and
You do not find
Accept that there is fault somewhere

Do not make a proposal
if you are not willing to
Accept the agreed return

You are the creator of your moral rules
You will accept the repercussions

There is nothing wrong with
Not accepting the truth

There is nothing wrong with
Accepting to live in a lie

However, If you want the truth
Know it when it knocks and accept it

Public Domain.

Seeyam Brijmohun 2015.

Peace & Love. x

How to avoid feeling embarrassed about asking for food?

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I volunteered at a Foodbank for 18 months and have some thoughts I’d like to share, which might help some people. To go to a Foodbank you will need to be referred by the Jobcentre or a charity. If you phone the Foodbank they can provide you with advise. Foodbanks provide a weeks worth of food parcels and you can only use them 3 times a year.

1.) Go and give some food to a Foodbank.
First, it will give you an opportunity to see that the people there are friendly. The face-to-face volunteers will not blame you for not having any food, they will not judge you. Some people do want to share the details of their misfortunes with the volunteers and a lot of what they say is quite similar and the volunteers have heard so many different situations, you can’t shock them.
Second, if you give to a Foodbank you will not feel embarrassed about asking for food. You can imagine it like a social investment bank, where people are depositing food for the benefit of humankind and it is okay to make a withdraw when you are in desperate need.
Third, think of it as a loan from the Foodbank. Although the Foodbank does not ask for the food to be returned, I remember many a time when people who needed food said that when they had sorted out their hardship that they would return and donate food and they did.

2.) Getting food from a Gurdwara (a Sikh place of worship)
It is part of Sikhism to feed people, they feed everyone both the poor and wealthy. The food is cooked and served at the Gurdwara to anyone, regardless of religion or race, everyone is welcome. You do not have to feel embarrassed about going and eating at a Gurdwara because the food is for both the rich and the poor and everyone is treated equally, everyone sits on the floor in lines and are served equally. You will need to find out about what time they serve the food by visiting your local Gurdwara.

3.) Grow food and give away what you cannot eat
It is very easy to grow food. I grow food and it does reduce the amount of money that I spend during the harvesting months. If you haven’t got a garden, ask someone if you can use theirs and give them some of the food as a thank you. If you feed people or give away food, you will learn to welcome food, without any embarrassment when you need it.

The EDL and racism

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The English Defence League (EDL) publicly state that they are anti-Islamic extremism and have invented an agenda of ‘being English’ vs ‘being Muslim’. Their public agenda is about nationalism verses religion, whilst in reality their true agenda is about race. The lack of intelligence within the EDL supporters results in their inability to recognise the difference between races and the practices of different religions. The cultural differences between races can be identified for example by dress codes, food, language, whilst the religious differences are belief centred and are less obvious. The EDL would struggle in their attempts to isolate the Muslim community on their religious practices alone because, for example a lot of people are vegetarians, so they will not eat any meat including pork. There are people who are teetotal, who find no interest in involving themselves with alcohol. There are many Muslim who do not dress in the Burka because it is a cultural preference and not a religious requirement. The EDL have not tasked themselves in defining what it is to be English because being English has nothing to do with drinking alcohol, eating pork or having a fascist opinion on dress codes and identity. Indeed the people of Britain and it’s colonies gave their lives against the Nazis to ensure that we all did not have to look the same and for the right and freedom to practice our own religions.
The EDL continue to site the marriage of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to a child as being justification that Islam is evil. Contemporary beliefs would prohibit and condemn such practices however, historically it was acceptable for Mohammed (PBUH) who was born around 570 (AD) to marry a 9 year old child and for King Richard II of England who was born 1389 (AD) to marry a 6 year old child. Thankfully, in contemporary society, this is both unacceptable and criminal.
The EDL objective is to highlight the cultural preferences of different races, which has nothing to do with the religious requirements of Islam. The EDL does not campaign on religious differences they stimulate hate on cultural and racial differences, this is called racism.

The naive who protect the oil assets for the wealthy

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What’s wrong with this world is not that governments and illegal regimes perpetuate the hate between religions; to cloak their protection of oil assets. What is wrong is that the majority of people are too stupid to realise how their relatives in the army or their relatives in terrorist organisations are just pawns in a game of oil domination. Protecting the oil assets of the wealthy is not protecting the freedoms of the British people and nor is it the wish of any god.

We are proud of our soldiers in the British Army who are putting their lives on the line in Africa with containing the Ebola crisis. We also are proud of British aid workers who do this; organisations outside of the army also do good charity work.

Tell your family and friends not to join the army nor any false religious organisations. Don’t let your family members or friends put their lives at risk in a foreign land, for the purpose of protecting the oil assets of the wealthy.

Scotland Independence Decided

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Westminster has promised Scotland that he won’t come in her mouth and she believed him.

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