The naive who protect the oil assets for the wealthy

What’s wrong with this world is not that governments and illegal regimes perpetuate the hate between religions; to cloak their protection of oil assets. What is wrong is that the majority of people are too stupid to realise how their relatives in the army or their relatives in terrorist organisations are just pawns in a game of oil domination. Protecting the oil assets of the wealthy is not protecting the freedoms of the British people and nor is it the wish of any god.

We are proud of our soldiers in the British Army who are putting their lives on the line in Africa with containing the Ebola crisis. We also are proud of British aid workers who do this; organisations outside of the army also do good charity work.

Tell your family and friends not to join the army nor any false religious organisations. Don’t let your family members or friends put their lives at risk in a foreign land, for the purpose of protecting the oil assets of the wealthy.

~ by brijmohun on October 8, 2014.

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