Britain Divided

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As a British Citizen, the Scottish Independence vote is tearing me apart because, with a fair government, the United Kingdom could function as a wonderful united entity. However, as a humanitarian I support the Scottish Independence because they will be able to tear themselves away from the advantage bestowed on the south of England and the privileged in society by both Conservative and Labour Westminster London governments.
In 1992, I performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I had very little money. A friend from my old youth theatre was living in Edinburgh and had found me free accommodation with some Scottish students. My friend worked in an curry take-away shop and fed me during my stay.
Early one evening I was making may way to the performance venue near Princes Street and I walked across a car park. A scruffy looking and unwashed beggar, which the Scottish refer to as a Jakey, approached me and asked me for a few coins. I told the man about how I was finding it difficult without any cigarettes and that I didn’t have much money. He could see that I was distressed and having a difficult time and with his dirt stained hand pulled a load of cigarettes from his inside pocket and gave them to me. He then reached into another pocket and took out a load of coins. I told him that I could not take his money and told him that I did have food but no cigarettes. He then asked me where I was from. I told him that I was a Brummy from Birmingham. “No” he said, “Fuck the English, where are your parent’s from?” I told him that I was born in Mauritius and this man with very little possessions, a dislike for the English but with much kindness to me said, “You’re welcome in my country son. Fuck the English but you are welcome”. This Scottish man with so little, had so much compassion and generosity for a poor young man but so much hatred for the English.
The Scottish are a proud people who have been handed down scraps by the London governments and the privileged House of Lords. What they don’t realise is that here in Birmingham, where the English also live, we too are suffering. I do know that it is both the Labour and Conservative governments that are to blame for the Scottish desire for independence, however, if Scotland votes “Yes” I will always blame David Cameron for splitting up the United Kingdom.


To a soldier

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Keep telling yourself that you’ve risked your life for my liberty;
whilst filthy rich war profiteers feed off your naivety.

Contemporary war and terrorism

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Most people are mistaken in their understanding that war is about beliefs. For a want of a better word ‘terrorism’ is based on belief. However, beliefs can exist without nobility when they have a misguided acceptance of society.  The  reality of contemporary war has far more simpler mercenary roots in political power and business .



What is Remembrance Sunday?

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When I was at school it was about it was about The Great War and as Rita a friend of mine put it, “Don’t let it happen again”. It was about being Anti-War, whilst now it’s about “support our soldiers” and the subtext is that you are forbidden to be anti-war because as soon as you are anti-war you automatically become anti-soldier. That is so wrong! “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” We should remember why this Sunday is important and not to allow our politicians with their twisted minds, who seek war for profits on weapons, contracts to rebuild a war torn infrastructure, contracts for future exports; to hijack the media and to warp the original meaning of Remembrance Sunday.

Abstract Capitalism

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Capitalism is only an abstract idea,
it is a lie that the people believe,
when the majority cannot realistically earn enough to own capital.

Terrorist soldier

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I am a person
I’ve witnessed inhuman acts by humans

I am a soldier
I defend civilians from terrorist attacks

I am a politician
I seek to gain and maintain power

I am a businessman
I make money from war

I am the media
Controlled by the businessman,
Exploited by the politician,
Justifying or dehumanising the terrorist soldier
And telling the person what to think.


Good deeds

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If angels with fear, tread gently but fall,
The desperate unloved, helped build up their wall,

The desperate feigns ill fortune,
They use and abuse anyone.
With discovery,
They become isolated
And search for another victim.

The do gooder feels empathy,
They jeopardise their own potential.
With scars,
They feel apathy
And lose faith, deny trust.


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